Parameter Training

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Dog Obedience Training

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The words dog obedience may sound harsh at first, but the benefit to a dog that is obedient is enormous. Think of the quality of life for a dog that is obedient and in a home to that of a stray on the streets. The stray doesn’t have to follow the rules of a home, but which do you really think has it better? Without question it is the dog that is trained, has a leader and enjoying the health, and comforts that come with that training.

What does obedience training mean?

This may seem obvious, but the word obedience means to obey something or someone and when used in dog training it means obeying specifically you, the leader. In fact the foundation of any good dog training is going to be first establishing the clear role of the leader, once that is in place everything falls into place. This is the basis for dog obedience training.

Dog Psychology and the Down Command.

The reason the down command is so important, is that it puts your dog into a submitted position. Sit, is easy for dogs and your Boxer or Beagle can quickly jump right up from a sitting position, but down is a completely different frame of mind for your dog. It makes them vulnerable so to speak, which in turn elevates you as a leader as you are able to make them go down with just a word or wave of your hand.

So dog obedience training is really about establishing the right relationship with your dog so that they respect and obey (listen) to what you say.

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Here is a short video of Ramses the young Schnauzer pup showing his obedience. Never would have imagined obedience could look so cute!

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Pulling On Leash

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It’s not uncommon to see someone walking their dog, but it looking more like their dog is walking them! It can make the whole dog walking experience miserable and because of this, many people just don’t walk their dogs at all, especially if they have a strong Labrador, Pit-bull or Boxer.

Why do dogs pull on the leash?

The walk is an adventure for your dog. Many dogs get excited just hearing the words, “want to go for a walk,” from that moment on they jump, pant and whine, excited to get out and explore. Outside there are smells, sights and sounds that are the equivalent of a kid going to Disneyland. So your dog pulls like they are anxious to get to the next ride.

Why is it bad for your dog to be pulling on leash?

Leaders, lead. If your dog is out in front of you and pulls on the leash, then they are taking the leading role. To establish the role of the leader in your dogs mind, you need to get them on a heel and lead the adventure. Its one thing to have a dog pulling a sled or pull you on skates for exercise, but it’s another to have the dog out in front, sniffing, marking and exploring without consideration of you. If that is happening then your dog is not respecting you as a leader and is taking that role themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Shih Tzu, Maltese or Mastiff, if the dog is out in front and pulling then they are taking the lead and not regarding you as the leader.

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