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What is separation anxiety?

Dog separation anxiety is a disorder in dogs that causes them to become anxious, destructive and fearful when they are separated from their owner.

What causes separation anxiety?

The overwhelming cause of dog separation anxiety is an unhealthy relationship between the owner and their dog. When we say unhealthy we aren’t suggesting that the owner is being mean or mistreating their dog. In fact the very opposite is more likely the case. What we mean is that the relationship is responsible and causing the dog’s unhealthy behavior.

When a dog thinks themselves co-dependent, or feels too important and high in the pack status the result is anxious behavior. So now when the dog owner leaves, the dog becomes anxious and protests. What they are saying through their behavior is, “HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME! GET BACK HERE!”

What are signs of dog separation anxiety?

When you leave, your dog;

Barks constantly
Becomes destructive, chews things up and digs in the ground or even the carpet.
Whines and scratches to get out.
Has uncontrolled urination or defecation issues.

These are some of the signs of dog separation anxiety.

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