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There are different types of aggression with dogs. There is fear aggression, which is when a dog is afraid and asserts themselves because they feel threatened (by other dogs or people). There is territorial aggression, which happens when a dog is guarding food, toys home or pack. There is dominant aggression, which is when a dog asserts themselves to control the environment (like nipping at the heels) and there is passive aggression (just kidding on that one, that’s just with us humans).

Anytime that a dog asserts themselves forcefully it is a type of aggression. Of course some forms are more dangerous than others, but it is important not to minimize any aggressive tendencies less they become more severe.

Can you train aggressive dogs? Yes, but the extent of training and the results will depend on the type and severity of the aggression and the ability to assert controlled leadership over the dog that is being aggressive.

Can all dogs be trained to stop being aggressive? Unfortunately in my experience the answer is no. This doesn’t mean that the dogs have to be put down, but it does mean that some dogs can’t be trusted in certain situations depending on the type of aggression.

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