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I recently had a client who rescued a Lab mix named Annie. But upon bringing Annie home, she immediately went after their cat and I mean went after their cat! Thing were so bad, they would have to keep the doors in their home closed between the two to avert certain disaster and taking the life of Luna their cat.

After the training we established how to take charge of their home and let Annie know that they are the leaders and Luna is part of their pack, not something to hunt!

Here is a recent note I received;

Here are some pics of Luna and Annie, lying right next to each other. Annie has made GREAT strides and we don’t have to keep them separated when we’re home anymore. She’s still very curious but they have several encounters every day and Annie won’t hurt the cat.

Thanks again,

Carol – Costa Mesa

The foundation of any good training is establishing leadership.

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Try this with cats ;)

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Parameter Training

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