Puppy and Dog Potty Training

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An important thing to remember about potty training your puppy is that you can only correct what you can catch. This means your dog is going to have to have an “accident” so that you can teach them that it’s wrong to do their business in the house. It also means that if your little Maltese, Pug or terrier has gone to the bathroom inside, but you don’t know when, it’s no good whacking them with a newspaper or rubbing their nose in it. They will not be able to put the dots together that you want them to go outside. Oh they will know that you’re upset and they will know that’s their pee alright, but that’s about it.

Crate training is the best and easiest way to began potty training your puppy, as dogs will not usually go to the bathroom where they sleep. This will enable you keep tabs of them when you are not able to actually watch them and confinement is going to be an important part of the training.

Timing is another important part of potty training. Dogs usually have to go to the bathroom in the morning when they wake up, shortly after eating and also after playing, walking or exercise. So be sure to on the alert at these times.

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We will look at how to implement the crates and the various kinds in our next segment.

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